Monday, July 30, 2012

After Day 71

We are back in Black Creek.  We are riding the most exciting wave of emotions and experiences we have received all summer.  This is week 3 of 3 consecutive VBS programs.  Let me tell you about the past two week and what we are looking forward to this week.

In Mankato, we were a large part of their Sky VBS.  Caleb Schmiege was Flash Skyrunner, a quirky character who did skits at the beginning of every day of VBS.  He also did the Bible stories for all the older kids. Peter did all the preschool work.  He told the stories, did most of the games and crafts and had a wonderful time doing it.  The experience of seeing preschoolers clap when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead is one of those rewards that God has given us this summer. Sam was in charge of the Imagination Station which ended being the hit of the whole VBS.  He had explosions, helicopter frisbees, and a slingshot that was being played with even after VBS was over.  Caleb Schultz taught the songs and ran the games for the older kids as well as doing the opening and closing skits of each day with Caleb Schmiege.  Overall, we all enjoyed the jobs that we did and we felt like we were really appreciated too.  Comments like, "It's so great to finally be proud of our VBS," or "this was the best VBS my child went to all summer" are still ringing in my ears. God is great.  We had many churched kids in VBS in Mankato, but we were blessed with a little under 10 non-churched children.  We pray that they learned to "Trust God" (the theme of Sky VBS) and to see him as their only means of salvation.

We then went to Lannon for our last week with them.  They also did Sky, but this VBS was a little different.  Not only were all four of us working on Bible stories together, but this VBS was three times the size of Mankato's.  Caleb, with the help of the guys, again go to teach the songs, but the fun for us was in the Bible stories.  From preschoolers completely engaged by the large man in the fake beard who just told us that he was Jesus to crew leaders laughing at Barnacle Bill, the deckhand on Jonah's ship, it was a wonderful experience.  The success of the VBS was very great here also.  Every year previous to this, their VBS had decreased in numbers as the week went on.  This year, the numbers not only didn't decreased, but they increased as the week went on! What a blessing!

Leaving Lannon was difficult, but we know that God will take care of that congregation and the friends we made there.  We will see them all again in Heaven, but we hope we can see them again before then.

After a Sunday night service at St. Marcus in Milwaukee which went very well, we travelled to Black Creek for our last VBS of the summer.  We are doing "Back To Jerusalem" here.  We are jointly teaching the songs, Caleb Schmiege is doing the upper level Bible study, Caleb Schultz is doing the teen leader Bible study, and Peter and Sam are helping with crafts.  We are all part of the opening devotional skits for each day also.

We have started recording again.  We are planning to record as many of our arrangements as we can before the summer ends and to send it to the congregations we worked with this summer as our gift to them.  Of course, when it is available, anyone can get their hands on one.  Watch our Facebook page for updates on when you can get our next demo.

Next week is soccer camp in Arlington, probably the biggest challenge of this summer for us.  We are getting close to the end.  Please continue to pray for us and the work we are doing so more people can be reached with the Gospel.

"Fight the good fight with all your might, Christ is your strength and Christ your light."

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