Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer #2!!!

We are back on the road again.  This year we are doing things a little bit differently, but still keeping the same basic idea.  This year, we aren't spending any weeks with congregations to do prep work for their programs, we are simply doing 10 full weeks of 6 VBS programs and 4 soccer camps.  The other weeks we basically have off, save for a few Sunday morning worship services and a few concerts.

We got a nice tune up Sunday at St. Marcus a little over a week ago.  It was great to get back with the guys to get our feet wet again.  Plus, it was nice, among all the graduations and call services at MLC and WLS, to get a chance to play together before we start travelling.

Our first real tour stop was at Mt. Lebanon in Milwaukee.  They have recently started having a large community picnic at the beginning of summer and asked us to be one of the live music selections.  Unfortunately, after our hour long set, we had to pack up and leave, so we didn't get to participate in many of the games.  We did, however, get to hear the United Voices of Praise and the Siloah Gospel Choir who sang after us.  It was a great experience and we really enjoyed interacting with the people at Mt. Lebanon.

Our journey took us on a 2 drive to Montello, WI on Saturday evening.  After seeing Immanuel in Mecan (the mother church), we went to the larger St. John's in Montello (daughter church).  We set up our equipment and made sure everything was ready to go for our first self-written worship service.  We stayed the night with Caleb Schultz's grandparents.

On Sunday morning, we all pilled into the van to get to church and got everything warmed up.  The preservice music was provided by the chimes choir of St. John's, under the direction of Caleb Schultz's grandfather, Rolfe Westendorf.  The service went off without a hitch.  The congregation took a little time to get into the music, but by the end, they were singing along beautifully.  Caleb Schultz preached, and got many compliments on being a "chip off the old block" since he was preaching at his grandparent's church.

After that 8am service, we packed up all the stuff and drove 15 mins down the road to Immanuel and set up there to do the same service.  It also went well.  We met a lot of wonderful, encouraging people at these congregations.  They treated us so well that when some of them asked us to come back next Sunday, we considered it for a bit. ;)

After lunch, we started one of our longest drives of the summer, a 6 1/2 drive to Olivia, MN.  We arrived at the Luetke's house safely, and visited with them before looking at a few VBS things.  Monday was preparing the annual Jesus Cares Summer Fun Night in Olivia.  Around 100 Jesus Cares campers and their helpers were there as we delivered a 7 song concert, complete with short object lessons, sing along, and many tambourines and maracas. This was definitely a highlight of Fide's existence so far.  So many souls loved by God, singing their hearts out to "We Are Singing" while tastefully and somewhat uncontrollably shaking tambourines.  It was wonderful.  We all smiled a lot last night.

Today is the first day of VBS.  We are all set up in the church and just need to finalize all the music that we will teach this week.  It will be exciting for both us and Zion here in Olivia.  Their VBS attendance numbers are a little higher than normal, so we are pumped to serve a bunch of little "Olives." :P

That's all for now.  Follow our facebook page for pictures and updates throughout the summer.

Up from the grave he arose with a mighty triumph o'er his foes.
He arose the victor from the dark domain, 
And he lives forever with his saints to reign.
He arose! He arose!  Hallelujah!  Christ arose!

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