Tuesday, May 29, 2012

After Day 10

The Memorial Day parades were a great success and we had a great time  being part of them.  There were dance parties when the parade slowed down and the plane was a huge success with the parade go-ers.  Now we pray that God will move many of those people to send their kids to VBS.  We definitely enjoyed our time with the members of St. John's in Lannon.  They are such nice people and way too generous to us. 

We had to leave the Caira's, which was a sad departure, but we will be back with them soon enough.  We are definitely looking forward to being with them again.  Such fun people!

We are off for a few days, but that doesn't mean that work is not being done.  Hymn charts and arrangements need to be written and planning has to start for the soccer camp we hope to run in Arlington this summer.  Keep praying for us.  God has taken care of us so far and we have no doubt that he will continue. I pray that we keep him first in our lives, and continue to go to him for help.

"God's Word is our great heritage, and shall be ours forever.  To spread its light from age to age shall be our chief endeavor.  Thought life, it guides our way.  In death it is our stay.  Lord, grant, while worlds endure, we keep its teaching pure throughout all generations."

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