Monday, May 21, 2012

After Day 2

Hey. We've never done this blogging thing before, but a few people have asked that we tell them what we are up to on our summer trip helping WELS churches.  So, let your friends know if they're interested in hearing what we've been up to.  We will try to write a new post every few days...who knows if that will actually work?

Today was technically Day 2 of our summer, but it was the first day that we were all together for the whole day.  After leading worship in Mankato on Sunday (which was wonderful as usual), we had a "new member" potluck in which we were named honorary members of St. Mark.  We love the members of that church, so it was really cool to have them express how much they appreciated what we have been doing for them. 

We travelled to Milwaukee last night and got a good nights sleep.  This afternoon, we loaded up all our equipment at the Jeske household and drove to Lannon.  We moved into our first host family, the Caira's.  They are a wonderful group of people and their house is defintely way too good for us.  If anyone was uncertain about the blessings of God to us, this family is yet another blessing.

We got to speak to Pastor Koschnitzke about our involvement with their congregation this week.  We will be doing two short workshops with the catechism class, one about MLC, one about what we do with hymns.  We will be leading worship for the school's chapel on Friday which will include Peter giving a devotion for the kids.  We will also be giving a Bible study on worship principles, planning and execution on Sunday before worship.  That's all we know so far, but we will be meeting with some other folks who will get us involved with VBS planning and other odds and ends around the church and school.

Keep us in your prayers.  "Draw us to thee unceasingly; Into thy kingdom take us. Let us fore'er thy glory share; Thy saints and joint heirs make us."


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