Saturday, June 9, 2012

After Day 21

We had the awesome chance to participate in WELS Kingdom Worker's Music For Missions concert on Wednesday.  A bunch of other musicians and singers participated to benefit WKW.  We had a great time being part of the concert and heard a lot of really nice comments afterwards.  We were all able to mingle with people afterwards and even made some possible connections to have a few more stops on our summer tour.  It was a cool blessing to see a large group of God's people supporting those who are doing to the work of the church.  We thank God for Kingdom Workers.
This week in Arlington has been great. We were able to canvass all of Arlington and Gaylord, which included handing out 900 brochures about the soccer camp we are going to put on and even more leaflets inviting people to worship with us on Sunday. Each of us have great stories to tell from our experiences, but overall we are just thankful for the opportunity to invite people to hear about Jesus.

Sam created and built an awesome Time Machine prop (don't tell the kids that it's just a prop) for St. Paul's Back to Jerusalem VBS. You can check out the photo on our facebook page.  We also did a bunch of miscellaneous projects to help prep for VBS.

Our arrangements for Sunday are trying some new things.  We start "Open Now the Gates of Beauty" by singing the first line in four part harmony. 

Our host families, the Hanneman's and the Lukasek's have been way too good to us.  We have all been floored by the blessing of meeting so many awesome people even though this tour has barely started.  We are in a great place right now (literally and figuratively).  Keep praying for us. 

"Jesus, Jesus, only Jesus can my heartfelt longing still."

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