Monday, June 18, 2012

After Day 29

We are back in Lannon.  It's definitely nice to be back with the Caira's and to look forward to working with St. John's again.  We are spending our Monday preparing for the musical things we will be doing this week which includes hopefully adding two members to Fide from St. John's for the weekend.

Our two services in Arlington went very well last weekend.  The number of visitors wasn't as high as we would have hoped, but the main idea of our canvassing was to promote the soccer camp to lead kids to hear about Jesus.  We are hoping that soccer will be an opportunity for a bunch of new families in Arlington and the surrounding area to be exposed to their Savior.

Our week in Mankato was great too.  We got to canvass two neighborhoods and have a meet and greet with a Sudanese family belongs to St. Mark's.  We also got the details about VBS and how we will be helping with that.  We are looking forward to help St. Mark's put on a VBS that will get Mankato talking about St. Mark's and give them more opportunities for outreach.  Pray for them.

The services went well on Sunday and Thursday.  We took a survey of the congregation on Sunday to see how we can improve.  Other than one or two outliers who sound like they just dislike a band in worship more than they actually dislike us, most of the feedback was positive.  We were a little loud on Sunday...I blame it on being in bigger church buildings the last three weeks... ;)

We are looking forward to leading worship in Lannon this Sunday, and also leading worship in West Bend for Rev. Robert Hein's 25th anniversary of ministry on Sunday.  We thank God for servants like him.

Your prayers must be working because God is still taking care of us like we never could have expected.  Please continue bringing us to Jesus in your prayers.

"Praise to the Lord, the almighty, the king of creation."

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